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Having the social importance, the entertaining, and last but not least the educational scope of duels in mind, we implemented a code duello - a set of rules for a one-on-one scientific instrument duel.


Codes duello regulates duelling and thus help to prevent unfair competition between scientific equipment within the same category. Duels are fought not so much to blame the opponent as to provide proper help in directing evaluation and decision-making within the purchase process of scientific tools.


Duelling with firearms grew in popularity until the 18th century. However, since our comparison combatants cannot control guns as precisely as parameters, or specs, - parameters are our first choice to give you direction through the often complex product searching issue.

Chief parameter criteria:

The chief criteria for duelling with parameters are chosen wisely. To secure fair competition and appropriate guidance at the same time, we provide typically four to seven specs for each scientific category. These specs are chosen carefully by us and our scientific reviewers.

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