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Bruker Inspire

AFM Type
AFM-Based IR Nanocharacterization, sSNOM
AFM Electrical Sample Charaterization Tooltip
AFM Force Spectroscopy
AFM Scan Size X/Y/Z µm
Bruker’s Inspire delivers, for the first time, highest-resolution nanoscale chemical and property mapping combined with radical productivity advances and uncompromised AFM performance. The integrated, self-optimizing system acquires nanoscale infrared absorption and reflection maps at regular AFM imaging speeds, without the limitations of indirect mechanical approaches or added complexity for the user.
Taking full advantage of Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce Tapping technology, Inspire’s new approach to infrared scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM) extends its capability to nanoscale chemical mapping of a wide variety of samples. The new technique, PeakForce IR, interleaves sSNOM signal acquisition with PeakForce Tapping feedback, providing the full combined set of information at the same time.

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