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DME Navigator 220

AFM Type
AFM Electrical Sample Charaterization Tooltip
AFM Force Spectroscopy
AFM Scan Size X/Y/Z µm
50 x 50 x ? or 200 x 200 x ?
The DME DS 95 Navigator 220TM enables to investigate one and the same area again even after removing the sample from the AFM. Based on reference structures the system finds the area of interest with a precision better then 250nm. The whole positioning progress is full automatic and highly stable and thereby perfect to analyze multiple structural features
on a single sample in long term and overnight measurement runs. Compared to interferometer based positioning systems the investment
effort is dramatically reduced by providing a comparable performance.
The main application areas are quality control of e-beam lithography, lithography masks, nanoimprints and analysis of multistep pro-cesses like functionalisation of surfaces, CNTs, nano particles, growth of quantum dots
and thin layers/films etc.

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