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Keysight 7500 ILM

AFM Type
Stand-alone, Integration with inverted Microscopes
AFM Electrical Sample Charaterization Tooltip
AFM Force Spectroscopy
AFM Scan Size X/Y/Z µm
90 x 90 x 12
High-resolution atomic force microscope on an inverted optical microscope allows simultaneous AFM and fluorescence imaging
Top-down scanner design enables effortless setup
Inverted optical view, open-top viewing access, and top illumination provide superior optical contrast
Rigid stage mounting provides low noise floor for sub-nanometer resolution
Patented MAC Mode option provides gentlest, nondestructive AFM imaging of samples in fluid
PicoTREC option delivers real-time, simultaneous topography and recognition imaging
Sample-handling plates available to facilitate easy imaging in fluids or ambient air
Easy Quick Slide sample-loading mechanism makes sample preparation simple

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