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nano anlytik Junior AFM

AFM Type
AFM Electrical Sample Charaterization Tooltip
AFM Force Spectroscopy
AFM Scan Size X/Y/Z µm
15 x 15 x 4
Based on advanced nanotechnology knowledge, nano analytik has developed a novel AFM as a versatile, compact and extremely simple to use atomic force microscope (AFM) tool, allowing a huge variation of applications. The new nano analytik system has been developed in order to provide high speed nano-scale imaging by "non-optical" so called “Rangelow-type” cantilevers. These cantilevers have an integrated sensor & actuator and make the necessity of complex manual AFM laser adjustment redundant. In particular this system is very well suited for chemical or biological detection/recognition in fields of Materials- or Life-Science applications. This unique and high precision measurement instrument has been designed to be highly flexible and can be easily employed for e.g. chemical or bio-sensing, making it the first characterization system that allows investigation and calibration diverse piezoresistive or capacitive cantilevers. The nano analytik system has been developed to be a user friendly nano-tech tool with an open modular architecture, making this remarkable instrument easy to be expanded or modified on customer demand.

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