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Nanosurf LensAFM

AFM Type
AFM for Objectives on Upright Microscopes
AFM Electrical Sample Charaterization Tooltip
AFM Force Spectroscopy
AFM Scan Size X/Y/Z µm
70 x 70 x 14 or 22 x 22 x 110
AFM for optical microscopes and 3D profilometers.
Mountable on virtually any optical microscope or 3D optical profilometer
Equipped with a quality objective lens for a clear view of your sample and the AFM cantilever
Simple sample positioning using the optical microscope’s view finder and position manipulators
Integrated motor for automated cantilever approach. Just bring your sample into optical focus and let the LensAFM do the rest.
Large AFM Z-range allows measurement of high structures
All standard AFM modes available through the modular Easyscan 2 controller
Simply intuitive! Nanosurf’s ease of use makes for a very short learning curve.

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