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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a thin film deposition method in which a film is grown on a substrate by exposing its surface to alternate gaseous species (typically referred to as precursors). In contrast to chemical vapor deposition, the precursors are never present simultaneously in the reactor, but they are inserted as a series of sequential, non-overlapping pulses. In each of these pulses the precursor molecules react with the surface in a self-limiting way, so that the reaction terminates once all the reactive sites on the surface are consumed. Consequently, the maximum amount of material deposited on the surface after a single exposure to all of the precursors (a so-called ALD cycle) is determined by the nature of the precursor-surface interaction. By varying the number of cycles it is possible to grow materials uniformly and with high precision on arbitrarily complex and large substrates.

Here is a market overview of (R&D) instruments made by specialist manufacturers and companies around the globe.



ALD Atomic Layer Deposition

myplas PEALD

Plasma enhanced thermal ALD.


Beneq Oy TFS 500

Atomic Layer Deposition TFS 500 is designed for diverse use in thin film coating applications. Being the first Beneq reactor model, has proven its...


Cambridge Nano Tech Fiji ALD

Our Fiji series is a modular, high-vacuum ALD system that accommodates a wide range of deposition modes using a flexible architecture and multiple...


Arradiance GEMStar XT Benchtop ALD

GEMStar XT offers Benchtop Thermal ALD and Plasma Enhanced PEALD systems with reactors specifically tailored for multiple 100, 150 or 200 mm round or...


ALD Nanosolutions FBX

FBX offers the well characterized fluidized bed processing vessel; widely used, easy scaled, and excellent for thermal ALD.


NCD Lucida D series ALD

Atomic layer deposition system for R&D applications.


Beneq Oy TFS P400A and P800 ALD

The Beneq P400A and P800 are ALD systems designed for industrial-scale production. They are ideal tools for scaling-up thin film deposition from R&D...


Aviza Technology Celsior fxP ALD

Celsior fxP is Aviza’s advanced generation single wafer ALD system targeted for 300-mm production at the 90-nm node and below. Celsior fxP offers...


Arradiance GEMStar-A Benchtop Controlled Gas Environment Anneal System

The 200mm square system anneals substrates in a vacuum controlled user selectable gas environment.


myplas ALD thermal ALD

Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition System.


Beneq Oy TFS 200R

Beneq's TFS 200R is the first-ever system designed for research in Roll-to-Roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) and other forms of continuous ALD...


Cambridge Nano Tech Savannah ALD

Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech is the leading provider of atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems for research and industry worldwide, delivering...


SENTECH PEALD for sensitive substrates

SENTECH atomic layer deposition systems enable thermal and plasma enhanced operation. The ALD systems can be configured for oxide, nitride, and metal...


Levitech Levitrack ALD

Levitrack ALD system is based on the new concept of precursor separation in space, as opposed to time, in combination with the unique floating wafer...


NCD Lucida GS200 ALD

Atomic layer deposition ALD system for surface passivation of c-Si solar cells.


Beneq Oy TFS NX300 ALD

The Beneq TFS NX300 is an application-specific system designed for fully-automated industrial production of surface passivation on crystalline...


Oxford Instruments OpAL Atomic Layer Deposition

The Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology OpAL system is a compact open-load system designed for Atomic Layer Deposition. It is equipped with a...


Arradiance GEMStar-8 Benchtop ALD

The 200mm Ø system deposits low temperature conformal metal, semiconductor and insulating films on planar and high aspect ratio (HAR) structures. It...


SVT Associates NorthStar ALD-P-100B

SVT Associates' NorthStar Atomic Layer Deposition system is a versatile research deposition tool for thermal or energy enhanced ALD. With up to 8...


Beneq Oy TFS 200

The TFS 200 is the most flexible Atomic Layer Deposition research platform ever designed for research and development. All details of the system are...


Kurt J.Lesker ALD150LX

ALD150LX ALD Platform – Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition processing for up to 150mm diameter substrates. ALD150LX is a research and pilot production...



Atomic Layer Deposition QXP-8300 Guarantees the Highest Deposition Rate with Excellent Composition Control and Conformality Features - Excellent...



ASM’s Pulsar uses Atomic Layer Deposition to deposit the high-k dielectric materials required for advanced CMOS transistor gates ​and other...


Sundew Developer ALD for Research

Sundew’s Developer line is specifically designed for R&D, yet it uses the same advanced features of our production systems. It is a low-cost...


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