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PCO hsfc pro CCD

CAM Type 1
CAM Type 2
CAM Pixel Area
1280 x 1024
CAM Pixel Size_
6.7 x 6.7 μm
CAM Frame Rate / Spectral Rate Tooltip
8.0 fpc
CAM Cooling max
-12 °C
CAM Spectral Range
> 160 - 1300
Having a single optical input, this camera system comprises an image splitter unit, four intensified CCD camera modules with fast switchable MCP image intensifiers and high resolution CCD image sensors. Each module with its 12 bit dynamic range features an excellent signal-to-noise-ratio and the ability of single photon detection. Four high speed serial fiber optic data links connect the system to the computer. It can be triggered externally by light or electrical input

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