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Princeton Instruments MEGAPLUS ES1603 CCD

CAM Type 1
CAM Type 2
CAM Pixel Area
1536 x 1024
CAM Pixel Size_
9 x 9 µm
CAM Frame Rate / Spectral Rate Tooltip
6.42 fps
CAM Cooling max
CAM Spectral Range
The MegaPlus ES1603 is a 1.6 megapixel CCD digital camera. The camera can be configured with 1603ME full frame CCD sensors for 100% fill factor and excellent sensitivity. It is uniquely designed to separate and isolate the camera’s primary electronics from the sensor cooling path resulting in true 12-bits per pixel at virtually any operating temperature. By keeping the sensor temperature low, both dark noise and thermal drift are significantly reduced, making the camera the perfect solution for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications. The ES1603 is ideal for applications where intrascenic dynamic range -ability to capture both bright and dim signals in the same image -is important.

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