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Photometrics CoolSNAP MYO ICCD

CAM Type 1
CAM Type 2
CAM Pixel Area
1940 x 1460
CAM Pixel Size_
4.54 x 4.54 µm
CAM Frame Rate / Spectral Rate Tooltip
6.3 fps
CAM Cooling max
CAM Spectral Range
> 400 - 1000
The CoolSNAP MYO is a high resolution, high sensitivity camera for moderate to low-light life science applications. This unique cooled CCD provides 4.54µm pixel pitch, 14-bit digitization at 20MHz, enabling high spatial resolution and an optimized frame rate for time-lapse cell imaging. Its 2.8 Megapixels and a high Quantum Efficiency enables sensitive imaging with the option for binning for a higher dynamic range as well as increased signal-to-noise performance - all while providing an ideal pixel pitch for microscopy.

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