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The following video, sponsored by Lumenera Corporation, introduces the differences of uncooled vs. cooled scientific cameras for wide-field applications.

Here is a market overview of cameras made by specialist manufacturers and companies around the globe, including EMCCD, CCD, Interline CCD (iCCD), scientific CMOS (sCMOS), InGaAs, and others.

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Photometrics Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD

The Evolve 512 Delta empowers you with the potential to obtain research results in about half the time of previous 512 EMCCD cameras. Designed...


QImaging QIClick Cooled Monochrome CCD

QIClick is an ideal camera choice for a wide variety of imaging applications. Available in color or monochrome, both models can be actively or...


Princeton Instruments PyLoN 2048B CCD

Back-illuminated CCD. Highest QE in the visible with low dark current. Subject to etaloning in the NIR. The PyLoN: 2048 is a controllerless,...


Raptor Photonics Eagle V CCD

Introducing one of the most sensitive CCD cameras in the World. The Eagle V combines a number of key elements required for ultra-sensitive imaging.


PCO pco.dimax HD / HD+ sCMOS

The pco.dimax HD series combines advanced CMOS- and camera technology. High light sensitivity and best dynamic range complement each other to...


ANDOR iKon-M 912 CCD

Andor’s iKon-M 912 cooled back-illuminated CCD camera is designed to offer the ultimate in high dynamic range, low noise performance. The 512 x 512...


Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT sCMOS

The ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT makes it easy to be brilliant. With 2× the speed, 3× the field of view and up to 5× the signal to noise over even the best...


QImaging QICAM Cooled Color ICCD

The QImaging QICAM digital camera is designed for high-resolution, brightfield scientific and industrial applications. A progressive-scan...


Princeton Instruments MEGAPLUS ES3200 CCD

The MegaPlus ES3200 is a 3.2 megapixel CCD camera that uses a full frame CCD sensor with 100% fill factor for excellent sensitivity and resolution....


Greateyes GE 2048 x 2048 NIR - UV Large Format CCD series

Large format scientific CCD Cameras for NIR, VIS, UV Imaging and Spectroscopy.


Ximea MR252CC-BH CCD

Scietific grade, Compact Camera for: Flat panel inspection, Microscopy, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Histology, Intelligent Traffic Systems,...


ANDOR Newton SY DY920P CCD models

Andor’s Newton SY series features a high-QE sensors for direct detection of soft X-Ray photons. A convenient beryllium foil window blocks visible...


QSI 6120 Series ICCD

The QSI 600 Series is designed to deliver exceptionally low noise 16-bit images. Dual read rates up to 8 MHz support applications that require frame...


Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash2.8 Digital sCMOS

At its core, the ORCA-Flash2.8 is equipped with the scientific image sensor FL-280, an advanced CMOS device that finally realizes the multiple...


QImaging Retiga R3 CCD

The perfect balance of speed, pixels and performance with new Intelligent Quantification features.



The Scientific Grade, 1024 x 255 high speed spectroscopy CCD camera is ideally suited to rapid analysis, multi-channel and low-light applications...


PCO pco.edge gold 4.2 sCMOS

The pco.edge gold 4.2 with its "down to -30°, deep-cooled sCMOS sensor" is specially optimized for extra-long exposure times and achieves very low...


QImaging Retiga R1 CCD

USB 3.0 functionality and Ocular imaging software make this a highly capable CCD camera for routine work



Andor’s iStar 312T intensified CCD camera series is designed for rapid, ns-scale time-resolved Imaging. The 512 x 512 array is ideally suited for...


QSI 604 Series CCD

The QSI 604 model camera employs a 400,000 pixel (768x512) Kodak full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology.


Hamamatsu ORCA-03G Digital ICCD

The ORCA-03G is a high-resolution digital camera using a progressive scan interline CCD with no mechanical shutter. In addition to a high resolution...


Princeton Instruments PyLoN 1300B CCD

Back-illuminated CCD. Highest QE in the visible with low dark current. Subject to etaloning in the NIR. The PyLoN: 1300 is a controllerless,...


Raptor Photonics Ninox 640 InGaAs

Ninox 640 is a cooled, high sensitivity digital VIS-SWIR camera. Using a 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor from SCD the Ninox 640 enables high sensitivity...


PCO pco.4000 ICCD

This high resolution 14bit cooled CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. With the new approach to integrate the image...


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