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QImaging Retiga-4000R Fast 1394 Color ICCD

CAM Type 1
CAM Type 2
CAM Pixel Area
2048 x 2048
CAM Pixel Size_
7.4 x 7.4 μm
CAM Frame Rate / Spectral Rate Tooltip
4 fps
CAM Cooling max
no cooling
CAM Spectral Range
> 350 - 1000
The QImaging Retiga-4000R digital
camera features enhanced well capacity and
resolution resulting in high sensitivity that is
perfect for brightfield, LCD inspection, and
automated imaging applications. A progressivescan
interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of
4.19 million pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1
in a 12-bit digital output - making it ideally
suited for the 22mm light column provided by
many microscope camera mounts.

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