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QImaging Retiga 6000 Cooled Color CCD

CAM Type 1
CAM Type 2
CAM Pixel Area
2750 x 2200
CAM Pixel Size_
4.54 x 4.54 μm
CAM Frame Rate / Spectral Rate Tooltip
2.8 fps
CAM Cooling max
CAM Spectral Range
> 400 - 1000
An unequivocal advance in fluorescence documentation, the Retiga 6000 allows you to see larger areas in greater detail and with higher clarity. Capturing the largest Field of View is possible without having to compromise on resolution or sensitivity. With 6.05 million pixels and a 16mm sensor diagonal, the Retiga 6000 exploits the full microscope FOV, capturing twice the image area than most standard fluorescence cameras.

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