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The following video, sponsored by Lumenera Corporation, introduces the differences of uncooled vs. cooled scientific cameras for wide-field applications.

Here is a market overview of cameras made by specialist manufacturers and companies around the globe, including EMCCD, CCD, Interline CCD (iCCD), scientific CMOS (sCMOS), InGaAs, and others.

Cameras (All)

QImaging Retiga R6 CCD

CCD that fit more in each image to accelerate discovery within time-lapse, slide scanning or tile-and-stitch experiments.


ANDOR Newton DU940 Series CCD

The Newton 940 spectroscopic CCD camera series utilizes a 1024 x 255 or 2048 x 512 array of 26 μm or 13.5 μm pixels, with thermoelectric cooling down...


Princton Instruments ProEM-HS 1024BX3 EMCCD

PI's line of EMCCD cameras. Available with 512x512 and 1024x1024 back illuminated, frame transfer EMCCDs for single photon sensitivity utilizes...


Hamamatsu ORCA-05G Digital ICCD

The ORCA-05G is a high-resolution digital camera using a progressive scan interline CCD with no mechanical shutter. In addition to a high-resolution...


Princeton Instruments PyLoN 1300F CCD

Front-illuminated CCD. Affordable technology for moderate light level applications. No etaloning. The PyLoN: 1300 is a controllerless,...


Raptor Photonics Falcon EMCCD

Digital FALCON EMCCD camera combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution. It uses a peltier cooled Texas Instruments' 1 Mpx Frame Transfer...


PCO dicam pro CCD

This is a high performance intensified CCD camera system with gating times down to 3 ns. With its 12 bit dynamic range and a high resolution CCD...



Andor’s standalone USB 2.0 iKon-M SY 934 series features a high-QE, back-illuminated sensor for direct X-ray detection. A convenient Berylium foil...


Hamamatsu ImagEM X2 EMCCD

The ImagEM X2 is an extremely versatile EMCCD camera that quietly delivers 70 frames/s at full frame and up to 1076 frames/s with analog binning and...


QImaging Retiga 3000 Cooled Monochrome CCD

The Retiga 3000 is the ideal camera for high resolution snapshot fluorescence documentation. With 2.8 million pixels, a 4.54μm pixel pitch and a...


Princeton Instruments MEGAPLUS EP11000 ICCD

The MegaPlus EP11000 is a passively cooled, high resolution 11 megapixel digital camera. It is uniquely designed to separate and isolate the camera’s...


Greateyes GE 2048 x 512 NIR, VIS, UV series

Scientific Full-Frame CCD Cameras for UV, VIS, NIR Imaging and Spectroscopy.


PCO pco.1200 hs CMOS

This high speed 10 bit CMOS camera system comprises advanced CMOS and electronics technology. With the new approach to integrate the image memory...


ANDOR iXon3 860

The iXon3 860 benefits of an advanced set of user–requested features, including OptAcquire, Count Convert, Spurious Noise Filters & Signal Averaging....


QSI RS 3.2 Series CCD

The QSI RS 3.2 model camera employs a 3.2 megapixel Kodak full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology. The high quantum efficiency, wide...


QSI RS .40 UV Series

The QSI RS 0.4 model camera employs a 400,000 pixel (768x512) Kodak full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology. The high quantum...


QImaging Retiga-4000R Fast 1394 Color ICCD

The QImaging Retiga-4000R digital camera features enhanced well capacity and resolution resulting in high sensitivity that is perfect for...


ANDOR Newton SY DY940P models

Andor’s Newton SY series features a high-QE sensors for direct detection of soft X-Ray photons. A convenient beryllium foil window blocks visible...


PCO pco.edge 3.1 sCMOS

The pco.edge 3.1 is equipped with an innovative scientific CMOS sensor providing crisp images and precise measurements. PCO’s edge 3.1 camera...


Photometrics DC2 Multichannel Imaging System

DC2 is an emission splitting system enabling a user to acquire 2 spatially identical but spectrally distinct images simultaneously. Simultaneous,...



The Scientific Grade, 1024 x 127 deep depletion spectroscopy CCD camera is ideally suited to rapid analysis, multi-channel and low-light applications...


QSI 632 Series CCD

The QSI 632 model camera employs a 3.2 megapixel Kodak full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology.


Hamamatsu C5403-31 ICCD

This CCD camera is suitable for broad applications especially for observation and measurement applications. The interline CCD is loaded on the...


Photometrics CoolSNAP MYO ICCD

The CoolSNAP MYO is a high resolution, high sensitivity camera for moderate to low-light life science applications. This unique cooled CCD provides...


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