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Scienta Omicron EW4000 10keV

EA Kinetic Energy
5 - 10.000 eV
EA Resolution
40 meV (XPS), 1.8 meV (UPS - optional)
EA Lens Acceptance Angle
EA Mounting Flange CF
CF 200
EA Ambient-High Pressure
EA Mode
XPS, UPS optional, ISS optional
EA Mean Radius
200 mm
The Scienta EW4000 is breaking new ground for advanced photoelectron spectroscopy experiments. The new extreme wide angle lens technology brings a leap not only in angular range but also in acquisition speed and kinetic energy range. In the Scienta EW4000 this new lens development is combined with the proven performance of the Scienta 200 mm radius hemisphere.

Equipment Card - Reference

   • The new EW4000 technology has several unique features:
   • 60° wide angular mode
   • 30° higher dispersive angular mode
   • 40 mm working distance
   • Intensity optimized transmission mode
   • Angle resolved kinetic energy range up to 10,000 eV
   • < 1.8 meV energy resolution guaranteed in UPS
   • Real time image correction

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