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Scienta Omicron R3000 XPS HP

EA Kinetic Energy
0.5 - 1500 eV
EA Resolution
20 meV
EA Lens Acceptance Angle
EA Mounting Flange CF
EA Ambient-High Pressure
EA Mode
XPS, for ISS inqire
EA Mean Radius
135 mm
The R3000 XPS HP is provided with efficient differential pumping on the lens to allow high pressure measurements up to 0.1 mbar. It is equipped with XPS electronics and lens tables. It features an overview angular mode and a transmission mode for high throughput measurements. Kinetic energies from 0.5 eV – 1500 eV are measured with a selection of slits and wide range of pass energies from 20-200. Guaranteed energy resolution <15 meV at 500 eV kinetic energy.

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