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Scienta Omicron R4000 HiPP-2

EA Kinetic Energy
5 - 10.000 eV
EA Resolution
15 meV
EA Lens Acceptance Angle
EA Mounting Flange CF
CF 200
EA Ambient-High Pressure
EA Mode
XPS, ISS optional
EA Mean Radius
200 mm
The HiPP-2 analyser is a based on the Scienta Omicron R4000 10 keV analyser and developed to allow for high pressures at the sample position. This is achieved by the addition of a pre-lens
that combines efficient differential pumping with electron optics, that refocuses the electron paths through the pre-lens. The resulting transmission is at least an order of magnitude better than conventional differential pumping setups.

Equipment Card - Reference

• 50 mbar N2 / 20 mbar H2O pressure at sample position

• Energy range up to 10 000 eV with full angular acceptance
• Refocusing pre-lens with efficient differential pumping
• Angular acceptance: 26°
• Angular resolved range: 22°
• Interchangeable / customized front cones


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