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 A hemispherical electron energy analyzer (or electron spectrometer) is generally used for applications where a higher resolution is needed. Electron Analyzers provide high energy resolution which allows revealing small chemical shifts in XPS, UPS and AES spectra for the precise characterization of chemical states. Electron Analyzers are suitable to integrate in existing UHV systems.

In general, an electrostatic analyzer is an instrument that employs an electric field to allow the passage of only those electrons electrons that have a given specific energy. It usually also focuses electrons into a smaller area.

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Application Notes


XPS Analysis of Stainless Steel Surfaces

The surface chemistry of stainless steel is strongly influenced by the chemical or mechanical processing of that surface... read more


Graphene as Protective Coating

Graphene is a two dimensional material composed out of sp2-bonded carbon atoms arranged in the same honeycomb crystal lattice as graphite, its three dimensional counterpart. Due to its physical and chemical properties graphene renders a vast interest within a large number of  scientific disciplines... read more


Surface Analysis of Nuclear Graphite 

In recent times a wide variety of nanostructured carbon forms have been observed in nuclear graphite which vary the graphitic nature of the material... read more


AR-XPS at Environmental Conditions

Angle-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (AR-XPS) can be  used for non-destructive sample depth profiling... read more


High Pressure XPS

First results from the Scienta R4000 HiPP-3 high pressure analyser measuring on Ag under di-nitrogen pressure using the 0.8 mm first aperture of  the instrument, which is optimized for pressures up to about 2 mbar... read more


Monochromatic XPS Performance with Insulating Polymeric Materials

In the analysis of polymeric surfaces with monochromatic sources offers a significant advantage over non-monochromatic sources... read more


Spectroscopic Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Material with XPS

The elemental and chemical composition of the surface was investigated to determine the performance of the material under thermal cycling... read more


SPIN-resolve Photoemission

The  detector  allows  the  parallel acquisition  of  spin  resolved  and  non-spin  resolved data.  The  non  spin  resolved  data  is acquired  with  six  standard  channeltrons.  The  spin  resolved  data  is  measured  using  a  mini-Mott  polarimeter of  the  Rice  university  design... read more


HAXPES on the Beamline P09 at PETRA III

For revealing properties of bulk and interface structures, Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) is expected to be used increasingly in the near future, due to the decreased surface- and increased bulk sensitivity... read more


Rutherford Electron Backscattering at 15 keV

The elastic scattering of keV electrons can be used to determine the surface composition of relatively thick layers (up to 100 nm) in a way similar to ion scattering experiments... read more





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Electron Analyzer

Scienta Omicron R3000 XPS HP

The R3000 XPS HP is provided with efficient differential pumping on the lens to allow high pressure measurements up to 0.1 mbar. It is equipped with...


Scienta Omicron R4000 HiPP-2

The HiPP-2 analyser is a based on the Scienta Omicron R4000 10 keV analyser and developed to allow for high pressures at the sample position. This...



Near Ambient Pressure Hemispherical Energy Analyzer. Wide Angle Pre-Lens with 44 ° Acceptance Angle. Near Ambient Working Pressures up to 25 mbar....


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