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FEI Inspect F50

EM Resolution
0.8 nm @ 30 kV (STEM)
EM Magnification
14x - 1.000.000x
EM Acceleration Voltage
0.2 - 30kV
EM Source
Schottky thermal field emitter
Focused Ion Beam
Inspect F50’s user interface is simple and easy to learn, yet flexible enough for the challenges of complex environments where individual research needs vary between projects. For example, standard navigation features include double-click stage movements and drag-to-zoom. SmartSCAN technology for smart scanning strategies on difficult samples makes it easier to reduce noise and provide better data. Surface and compositional images can be combined with fast elemental analysis for determining material properties and elemental composition. In many areas, the value of a FEG SEM for high resolution and high current helps meet the challenges to producing top-quality images and fast analysis. The Inspect F50 is the mainstream, flexible solution for these basic research applications. Many new features are available to help customize an Inspect F50 for particular characterization. New options, such as beam deceleration, bring low kV performance to a completely different level for a conventional FEG SEM. Nav-Cam color image navigation and new detectors provide even greater flexibility to the Inspect F50.

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