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FEI Quanta 250 FEG-SEM

EM Resolution
0.8 nm @ 30 kV (STEM)
EM Magnification
14x - 1.000.000x
EM Acceleration Voltage
0.2 - 30kV
EM Source
Schottky thermal field emitter
Focused Ion Beam
Quanta line includes six variable-pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM). All of which can accommodate multiple sample and imaging requirements for industrial process control labs, materials science labs and life science labs.
The Quanta line of scanning electron microscopes are versatile, high-performance instruments with three modes (high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM) to accommodate the widest range of samples of any SEM system. All the Quanta SEM systems can be equipped with analytical systems, such as energy dispersive spectrometer, wavelength dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and electron backscatter diffraction. In addition, the field emission gun (FEG) systems contain a S/TEM detector for bright-field and dark-field sample imaging. Another variable that changes amongst the SEM systems is the size of the motorized stage (50mm, 100mm, and 150mm) and the motorized z-range (25mm, 60mm, and 65mm, respectively). The Quanta 650 FEG is designed with a roomy chamber, enabling the analysis and navigation of large specimens.

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