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FEI Titan ETEM G2 for Materials Science

Titan ETEM G2 combines both standard TEM and dedicated environmental TEM capabilities, thereby designed as a fully integrated platform for in situ experiments such as exposing nanostructures to gaseous reaction/operating environments. With the Titan ETEM G2, you can: Gain insight to geometric and electronic structure, as well as elemental composition of functional nanomaterials at nanometer and atomic scale. Observe functional nanomaterials and their time-resolved response to gas and other in situ stimuli. Study gas-solid interactions, including shape and morphology changes as well as interaction at surfaces and interfaces of nanostructures. Perform traditional, high-vacuum TEM experiments. Although designed for environmental TEM applications, the Titan ETEM G2 capably performs HR-S/TEM imaging, diffraction, and spectroscopy.
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