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FEI Titan Halo for Life Sciences TEM

EM Resolution
EM Magnification
EM Acceleration Voltage
up to 300kV
EM Source
Focused Ion Beam
From live observation of focused high-intensity beams to low-dose applications and diffraction: The Titan Halo transmission electron microscope (TEM) is designed with the focus on versatility in application while still benefiting from the superior optics of the Titan platform. The 300 kV high voltage ensures a large electron penetration power, which is crucial for soft matter research and tomography on thicker biological sections. The Titan optics also encode for an optimal parallel illumination over a wide magnification range and large field of view, which is a prerequisite for minimized aberrations in the obtained datasets. Its superior optics and thermal and mechanical stability, combined with the possibility to use it at both cryogenic and ambient conditions, permits the Titan Halo to be used for a wide range of semi-automated applications, including: 2D electron crystallography, single particle analysis, and (cryo) electron tomography. Additionally, analytical applications such as EELS will also be applicable.

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