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FEI Verios XHR SEM for Electronics

EM Resolution
0.6 nm @ 15 kV
EM Magnification
EM Acceleration Voltage
1kV - 30kV
EM Source
Schottky thermal field emitter
Focused Ion Beam
The best possible low-kV SEM resolution and materials contrast:
Verios is geared toward increasing publishable results from your lab. In the Semiconductor and Data Storage markets, the unprecedented performance of Verios extends SEM capability to the era of sub-20nm semiconductor devices. Verios allows semiconductor process control labs to measure beam-sensitive materials and structures that are too small to be imaged by conventional SEM instruments. Verios also includes new ease-of-use features that deliver the lowest cost-per-sample imaging and metrology on semiconductor structures at the 22nm node and below. Verios XHR SEM offers a complete solution for basic research, process and material development, process control, and failure analysis. It delivers accurate, repeatable measurement results, even on extremely sensitive materials. Combined with FEI's IC3D metrology software, Verios provides the precise measurements needed to control technology development processes.

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