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JEOL JSM-7800F Extreme Resolution All-in-One FE SEM

EM Resolution
0.8nm at 15kV, GB mode
EM Magnification
25x - 1.000.000x
EM Acceleration Voltage
10 kV - 30kV
EM Source
Schottky thermal field emitter
Focused Ion Beam
The JSM-7800F represents a significant leap forward in Field Emission SEM technology, with unmatched resolution and stability for imaging and analysis. JEOL's highest performance FE-SEM makes it possible to:

observe the finest structural morphology of nanomaterials at 1,000,000X magnification with sub-1nm resolution
collect large area EBSD maps at low magnifications without distortion
perform low kV imaging and analysis of highly magnetic samples.
image thin, electron transparent samples with sub 0.8 nm resolution using an optional retractable STEM detector.

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