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Zeiss EVO LS25

EM Resolution
1.9 nm, 2 nm, 3 nm @ 30 kV SE with HD, LaB 6 , W
EM Magnification
< 5x - 1.000.000x
EM Acceleration Voltage
0.2 - 30kV
EM Source
HD, LaB6, Tungsten
Focused Ion Beam
Put your EVO to work on a wide range of material samples. Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron imaging.
Profit from high productivity, thanks to automated workflows. With the unique X-ray geometry of EVO you get high resolution performance at analytical working conditions. Three different chamber sizes accept a wide range of specimen sizes for high quality imaging.
Benefit from variable pressure operation as standard and upgrade paths to full environmental capabilities to observe materials interacting in real time. High definition beam source technology is introduced to conventional SEM by EVO HD to further increase image contrast and resolution.

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