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The electron microscope is a type of microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create an image of the specimen. It is capable of much higher magnifications and has a greater resolving power than a light microscope, allowing it to see much smaller objects in finer detail.


Because the wavelength of an electron can be up to 100.000 times shorter than that of visible light photons, the electron microscope has a higher resolving power than a light microscope and can reveal the structure of smaller objects. A transmission electron microscope can achieve better than 50 pm resolution and magnifications of up to about 10.000.000 x.

The transmission electron microscope uses electrostatic and electromagnetic lenses to control the electron beam and focus it to form an image. These electron optical lenses are analogous to the glass lenses of an optical light microscope.

Electron microscopes are used to investigate the ultrastructure of a wide range of biological and inorganic specimens including microorganisms, cells, large molecules, biopsy samples, metals, and crystals. Industrially, the electron microscope is often used for quality control and failure analysis. Modern electron microscopes produce electron micrographs using specialized digital cameras and frame grabbers to capture the image.

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Electron Microscopes

JEOL JSM-7100FA Entry-level Analytical FE SEM

Full-featured Analytical Field Emission SEM for Budget-Conscious Labs: Step up to a full-featured Field Emission SEM for high resolution imaging...


JEOL JSM-6510LV High Performance SEM

The JSM-6510 series SEMs are high-performance, low cost, scanning electron microscopes for fast characterization on a wide variety of sample types....


JEOL JSM-7100FT Analytical FE SEM for magnetic to neuroscience samples

Analytical Field Emission SEM: The JSM-7100FT is a highly versatile, easy-to-use analytical field emission SEM that offers a new level of expanded...


JEOL JSM-IT300LV Versatile Research SEM

The JSM-IT300LV is the latest addition to JEOL's popular series of tungsten/LaB6 low vacuum SEMs. This all-new design builds upon the award-winning...


JEOL JSM-7610F Ultrahigh Resolution Analytical FE-SEM

Thermal, Analytical FE SEM: The JEOL JSM-7610F FEG-SEM combines two proven technologies – an electron column with semi-in-lens detectors and an...



The JIB-4601F focused ion beam system is a state-of-the-art, high-resolution, digital 2-beam focused ion beam system with newly designed ion optics,...


JEOL JSM-7800F Extreme Resolution All-in-One FE SEM

The JSM-7800F represents a significant leap forward in Field Emission SEM technology, with unmatched resolution and stability for imaging and...



The JIB-4501 focused ion beam system is a state-of-the-art, high-resolution, digital 2-beam focused ion beam system with newly designed ion optics,...


JEOL JCM-6000 NeoScope Benchtop SEM

The NeoScope benchtop SEM complements both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs in the lab, and can be configured for advanced analytical...


JEOL JSM-7800F PRIME Extreme-resolution FE-SEM

Industry-leading FE-SEM for any type of sample, any type of analysis: The JSM-7800F PRIME represents a significant leap forward in Field Emission...


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