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The electron microscope is a type of microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create an image of the specimen. It is capable of much higher magnifications and has a greater resolving power than a light microscope, allowing it to see much smaller objects in finer detail.


Because the wavelength of an electron can be up to 100.000 times shorter than that of visible light photons, the electron microscope has a higher resolving power than a light microscope and can reveal the structure of smaller objects. A transmission electron microscope can achieve better than 50 pm resolution and magnifications of up to about 10.000.000 x.

The transmission electron microscope uses electrostatic and electromagnetic lenses to control the electron beam and focus it to form an image. These electron optical lenses are analogous to the glass lenses of an optical light microscope.

Electron microscopes are used to investigate the ultrastructure of a wide range of biological and inorganic specimens including microorganisms, cells, large molecules, biopsy samples, metals, and crystals. Industrially, the electron microscope is often used for quality control and failure analysis. Modern electron microscopes produce electron micrographs using specialized digital cameras and frame grabbers to capture the image.

Read more here: What is Electron Microscopy? - John Innes Centre

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Electron Microscopes

FEI Tecnai G2 20 TEM

The Tecnai G2 transmission electron microscope unifies fast, efficient and easy operation with proven reliability to serve many applications needs –...


FEI Aspex Extreme

The Aspex Extreme for Industrial Manufacturing is an elemental analyzer that provides the power of a competitive SEM but in a self-contained package...


Phenom Pro Desktop SEM

Phenom Pro desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) is one of the most advanced imaging models in the Phenom series. With its long-life...


Hitachi HF-3300 300 kV FE-TEM

HF-3300 300 kV high spatial and energy resolution field emission TEM. The 300 kV HF-3300 TEM/STEM combines cold field emission gun (CFEG) technology...


FEI Helios PFIB DualBeam for Materials Science

The Helios PFIB DualBeam features FEI's most recent advances in Plasma Focused Ion Beam and field emission SEM (FESEM) technologies and their...


FEI Talos F200S for Materials Science STEM

Standard for uncorrected STEM performance: The FEI Talos F200S combines outstanding high-resolution scanning/transmission electron microscope (STEM)...


Zeiss MERLIN for Life Science

MERLIN is the ideal solution for complete image analysis and characterization of biological samples. With the highest beam current in a nanometer...


Elmitec SPE-LEEM

The SPE-LEEM is a LEEM III equipped with an imaging energy analyzer and has become a standard instrument present in many synchrotron radiation...



A fully PC controlled high resolution FE-SEM intended for both - for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding electron-optical...


FEI Scios DualBeam

FEI Scios is an ultra-high-resolution analytical DualBeam system that delivers outstanding 2D and 3D performance for a broad range of samples,...


Hitachi SU8020 UHR Cold-Emission FE-SEM

Lower/Upper/Top (Triple) electron detectors for extended secondary and low energy backscattered electron collection ability. This novel,...


Zeiss EVO LS10

Put your EVO to work on a wide range of material samples. Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high...


FEI Quanta 250 SEM

Quanta line includes six variable-pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM™). All of which can accommodate multiple sample and...


JEOL JSM-7100FA Entry-level Analytical FE SEM

Full-featured Analytical Field Emission SEM for Budget-Conscious Labs: Step up to a full-featured Field Emission SEM for high resolution imaging...


Hitachi SU3500 Premium VP-SEM

The SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope features innovative electron optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and...


FEI Verios XHR SEM for Life Sciences

The best possible low-kV SEM resolution and materials contrast: Verios is geared toward increasing publishable results from your lab. In the...


FEI Verios XHR SEM for Materials Science

The best possible low-kV SEM resolution and materials contrast: Verios enables new insights by extending sub-nanometer resolution over the full 500...


Zeiss EVO MA10

Put your EVO to work on a wide range of material samples. Capture outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high...


Hitachi NB5000 nanoDUE'T FIB-SEM

The HITACHI NB5000 FIB-SEM integrates a superior 40kV Ga ion FIB column with an ultra-high-resolution Schottky FE-SEM.



A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode intended for both - for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. No of...


FEI Tecnai Femto UEM for Materials Science TEM

4D dynamic electron microscopy at the atomic scale: To achieve full characterization of materials, including data relating to lifetime and...


Zeiss SIGMA VP for Life Sciences

SIGMA VP offers many advantages for life science applications. The high purity, in-lens, SE detection allows true surface imaging for crisp images of...


Elmitec SPE-AC-LEEM Aberration-corrected

The unique Elmitec aberration-corrected SPELEEM is the most advanced and complete surface imaging system currently available. It combines...



A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column and optionally with Gas...


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