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Gaertner Scientific In Situ Stokes Ellipsometer L104ST

Elli Type
Laser Ellipsometer
Elli Wavelenght
405, 544, 633, 830 nm (2 or 3 Lasers allowed)
Elli Spectroscopy
Elli Alignment
30° - 85°
Elli Spare Field
< 36k US$ (US price)
A super fast, reliable, no moving parts ellipsometer that is ideal for measuring the rapid growing or etching of films in situ within your reactor. Get precise real time measurements of early film growth on a bare substrate to sub-angstrom precision. Determine the exact end point during an etch. Polarizer and analyzer modules mount onto window flanges outside your CVD, electron-beam, MBE, sputtering reactor or chamber. Priced at $36K in the USA.

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