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Ellipsometry is an optical technique for investigating the dielectric properties (complex refractive index or dielectric function) of thin films. Ellipsometry can be used to characterize composition, roughness, thickness (depth), crystalline nature, doping concentration, electrical conductivity and other material properties. It is very sensitive to the change in the optical response of incident radiation that interacts with the material being investigated.

Typically, the measured signal is the change in polarization as the incident radiation (in a known state) interacts with the material structure of interest (reflected, absorbed, scattered, or transmitted). The polarization change is quantified by the amplitude ratio, Ψ, and the phase difference, Δ (defined below). Because the signal depends on the thickness as well as the materials properties, ellipsometry can be a universal tool [1] for contact free determination of thickness and optical constants of films of all kinds.

Here is a market overview of instruments made by specialist manufacturers and companies around the globe.


Anstrom Sun SE200BA-MSP

Wavelength range: 250 to 1000 nm for SE and 400 to 850nm for MSP



The SENresearch spectroscopic ellipsometer family covers the widest spectral range from 190 nm (deep UV) to 3,500 nm (NIR) in one tool. FTIR is...


Gaertner Scientific Multiwavelength L2W

The Two Wavelength Ellipsometers use additional laser sources to analyze difficult films. They give refractive index results in near period regions,...


J.A. Wollam M-2000

Rotating compensator technology. Many spectral ranges available from 193 to 1690nm.


Entrepix Focus FE-III

The Rudolph FE III Focus Ellipsometer is designed to provide precision film thickness measurements with simplicity of use. The system's long-life...


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