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Focused ion beam (FIB), is a technique used particularly in the semiconductor industry, materials science and increasingly in the biological field for site-specific analysis, deposition, and ablation of materials. An FIB setup is a scientific instrument that resembles a scanning electron microscope (SEM). However, while the SEM uses a focused beam of electrons to image the sample in the chamber, an FIB setup uses a focused beam of ions instead. FIB can also be incorporated in a system with both electron and ion beam columns, allowing the same feature to be investigated using either of the beams.

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Hitachi HTA

Hitachi FB2200 Focused Ion Beam System

The FB2200 allows for rapid and precise specimen preparation for both transmission and scanning electron microscopy of semiconductors and other...


Hitachi NB5000 nanoDUE'T FIB-SEM

The HITACHI NB5000 FIB-SEM integrates a superior 40kV Ga ion FIB column with an ultra-high-resolution Schottky FE-SEM.


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