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ScientaOmicron Cryogenic STM & SFM

UHV-SPM Temperature
0.4 K - 100 K
UHV-SPM AFM operation
UHV-SPM System
UHV-SPM Magnetic Field
✔ up to 12 T
UHV-SPM Cooling Type
3He (4He)
The Cryogenic STM & SFM UHV system is designed for low temperature 3He and 4He SPM operation in high magnetic fields of up to 12 T and allows for SPM operation from 2.5 K up to 300 K. Temperatures of lower than 500 mK can be achieved with the 3He option.The Omicron LT STM is the first commercial low temperature UHV SPM with proven and guaranteed atomic resolution in STM and QPlus AFM mode at 5 K.

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