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Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

The scanning probe suite comprises a variety of instruments with complementary capabilities that enable the measurement of sample topography down to atomic resolution, spectroscopy of local electronic structure, and nanomechanical properties.

Application Notes


Atom Manipulation

Atom manipulation often attracts the interest of researchers, not only for observing artificial patterns on the surface, but also since it allows preparing ideal “samples” on surfaces, designed for a specific measurement... read more


On-the-Fly Switching Between STM and AFM

Especially for the identification of atomically sized defects, imaging in both feedback modes provides additional insights which are of fundamental importance as an intuitive interpretation of SPM images is often misleading... read more


AFM on Si(111)

... read more


AFM on Au(111)

... read more


AFM on KBr(001)

... read more


The Atomic Force Microscope as a Critical Tool for Research in Nanotribology

The atomic force microscope (AFM) is an invaluable tool for studying single-asperity contacts and their structural and tribological properties, including friction, adhesion, wear, and topography... read more


Real-Space Identification of Intermolecular Bonding with Atomic Force Microscopy

We report a real-space visualization of the formation of hydrogen bonding in 8-hydroxyquiline (8-hq) molecular assemblies on a Cu(111) substrate using noncontact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM)... read more


Acquisition of atomic site specific force spectroscopy and two-dimensional force maps 

In  non-contact  atomic  force  microscopy  (NC-AFM),  the  forces  acting  between  an  oscillating tip and the surface are measured. A topographic image is obtained by keeping the tip sample interaction force (which  is  measured  as  the  detuning  of  the  resonance  frequency)  constant... read more 


UHV Scanning Thermal Microscopy for Nanometer Resolution Quantitative Thermometry

Understanding energy dissipation at the nanoscale requires the ability to probe temperature fields with nanometer resolution... read more 


Use of PLL in contact MODE AFM   

Friction force microscopy (FFM) is a useful technique capable of characterizing material mechanical properties,such  as  elastic  module, adhesion, and friction down to atomic scale. When combining static lateral force measurements with dynamic measurements of contact resonance frequencies the sensitivity is improved, i.e. subsurface defects are easier to detect than in conventional quasi static FFM... read more


Imaging and Harnessing Nuclear Transmutation at the Atomic Scale

Radioactive decay and its accompanying high-energy radiation are well understood and have been utilized for decades. However, the role of low-energy electrons created during irradiation has only recently begun to be appreciated... read more


Atomic Force Microscope Tip Induced Anodic Oxidation

Apart from producing atomic resolution images, the AFM with its sharp tip can also be used in other applications such as nano-grafting and nanolithography... read more



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Scanning Probe Microscopy (UHV)


RHK VT Beetle microscopes offer STM and beam-deflection Contact and NC-AFM, and sample temperatures from 25 K to >1500 K on the sample stage.


SPECS JT Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The JT-STM (Joule-Thomson) marks the latest significant achievement in UHV scanning probe microscopy - simple handling, unprecedented stability, and...


ScientaOmicron VT SPM

The Variable Temperature UHV SPM (VT SPM) sets the benchmark for UHV AFM and STM technology. It offers a heating cooling concept for SPM in a...


SPECS SPM Aarhus 150 with Kolibri AFM

Variable Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope for AFM and STM operation.


SPECS JT SPM with Tyto SPM Head

The JT-STM (Joule Thomson) marks the latest significant achievement in UHV scanning probe microscopy - simple handling, unprecedented stability, and...


ScientaOmicron Fermi SPM

Fermi SPM is a compact solution for UHV SPM in a temperature range from 30 K to 40 0K. It has been developed to close the gap between the established...


SPECS SPM Aarhus 150 HT

With the STM Aarhus 150 HT, SPECS introduces a unique high temperature version by advanced heat flow management to allow imaging metals and...


SPECS SPM Aarhus 150 NAP

The stability and simplicity of the SPM Aarhus design allowes for the extension of the applications in the pressure range between UHV and 100 mbar...


RHK UHV SPM PanScan Freedom

The system features 15 K to 400 K operation without the expense and frustration of using liquid cryogens. Pan- Scan-Freedom redefines helium-free low...


SPECS STM Aarhus 150 Rel.2

STM Aarhus 150 with ultimate atomic performance allows scientists to observe processes on surfaces at a scale of nanometers.


SPECS SPM Aarhus 150 MBE

Large Sample design of the SPECS Aarhus 150 SPM.



For chilled tip and sample applications, the LT PanScan microscopes provide STM and qPlus AFM in a remarkably compact package easily integrated into...


SPECS SPM Aarhus 250 EVT

State-of-the-Art AFM and STM Technology for Advanced SPM Research.


ScientaOmicron Cryogenic STM & SFM

The Cryogenic STM & SFM UHV system is designed for low temperature 3He and 4He SPM operation in high magnetic fields of up to 12 T and allows for SPM...


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