Scienta Omicron R8000

EA Kinetic Energy
0.2 - 25 eV
EA Resolution
< 1 meV
EA Lens Acceptance Angle
EA Mounting Flange CF
CF 200
EA Ambient-High Pressure
EA Mode
EA Mean Radius
200 mm
R8000 electron spectrometer is a hemispherical analyser with customer proven performance better than 1 meV energy resolution and 0.05° angular resolution. The next step in the evolution of the acclaimed Scienta 200 mm spectrometer series.

Equipment Card - Reference

   • New high voltage rack design
   • Manual re-verification of critical dimensions
   • Special attention is paid to grounding
   • Scienta R8000 configuration of ultra stable voltage supplies
   • Individual check of all voltage supplies for low noise and long-term stability
   • Complete set of customised slit set-up
   • Customised pass energies as standard
   • 0.5 eV pass energy as standard
   • 0.05 mm slit as standard
   • Analyser de-magnetisation at customer site