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Abberior 1-color STED 775 QUAD Scanning

SR Technique
SR Resolution Lateral XY Tooltip
20 nm, typical < 30 nm
SR Camera, Detectortype Tooltip
SR Resolution Axial Z Tooltip
SR Microscope Body
Addon or Turnkey Olympus IX 83 (others on request)
SR Dyes, Fluorphores Tooltip
e.g. Abberior STAR XXX, others, inquire
SR Excitation Tooltip
775 nm STED
Superresolution STED microscope with a pulsed STED laser @ 775 nm
Confocal scanning system
QUAD beam scanner technology
Detector gating with up to 4 gates
Accessible optomechanical design, open electronics and software platform, ready to implement your own imaging ideas
Zero compromise on performance - get the best resolution performance possible in STED microscopy

Net price: EUR 199,000 (please check company website for updated prices!)

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