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Abberior Instruments easy3D STED

SR Technique
SR Resolution Lateral XY Tooltip
< 30 nm (2D), 100 nm (3D)
SR Camera, Detectortype Tooltip
SR Resolution Axial Z Tooltip
90 nm
SR Microscope Body
Addon or Turnkey Olympus IX 83 (others on request)
SR Dyes, Fluorphores Tooltip
e.g. Abberior STAR 635P, Abberior STAR RED, ATTO 647N, Abberior STAR 600, Abberior STAR 580 Alexa Fluor 594, mCherry, Abberior STAR 488, Alexa Fluor 488, YFP/Citrin, others
SR Excitation Tooltip
405 nm, 440 nm, 488 nm, 594 nm, 640 nm
The easy3D STED Optics Module. At its core, a programmable spatial light modulator (SLM) is used to create the phase patterns required for 2D and 3D STED microscopy. At the same time, it can also be used to correct for optical aberrations. The SLM allows a revolutionary design with only one STED beam instead of two separate STED beams for lateral (xy) and axial (z) resolution enhancement, respectively. The resolution enhancement can be tuned between pure xy and mainly z enhancement. The single-beam design obsoletes any beam recombination and alignment resulting in unrivaled system stability.

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