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Bruker Vutara 350

SR Technique
SR Resolution Lateral XY Tooltip
20 nm
SR Camera, Detectortype Tooltip
SR Resolution Axial Z Tooltip
40 - 70 nm
SR Microscope Body
SR Dyes, Fluorphores Tooltip
e.g. ATTO 488, Alexa 647, Cy3B, AF 646, others
SR Excitation Tooltip
405, 488, 532, 561, 640, 750 nm
The fastest super-resolution microscope on the market.
Image deep 3D sections on live cells quickly and easily.
The Vutara 350 is the first and only system of its kind:
Video-rate, single-molecule localization microscopy
Live-cell, super-resolution protocols and workflows
Designed for biologists — expert images the day of installation
Simultaneous four-color super-resolution imaging (including a 750 nm excitation option)
3D super-resolution up to 15 um deep, with Z-stacking capability
All raw data is stored and available in a non-proprietary format for inspection and novel analysis
Comprehensive online protocol and support library to speed you to publication

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