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PicoQuant MicroTime 200 STED

SR Technique
SR Resolution Lateral XY Tooltip
< 50 nm
SR Camera, Detectortype Tooltip
Single Photon Avalanche Diodes or Hybrid-Photomultiplier
SR Resolution Axial Z Tooltip
SR Microscope Body
Olympus IX 73 or IX 83
SR Dyes, Fluorphores Tooltip
SR Excitation Tooltip
640, 595, 660 nm
Time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscope with super-resolution capability. Complete confocal STED system based on a inverted microscope body.
Optical resolution below 50 nm.
Excitation at 640 nm and optionally with additional lasers at 595 nm and 660 nm.
Up to 4 truly parallel detection channels using SPADs or Hybrid-PMTs
Supports gated STED (gSTED) and gSTED-FCS
Piezo scanning for 2D- and 3D-(lifetime) imaging and accurate point positioning
Advanced easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software SymPhoTime 64
Upgrade options for simultaneous AFM/FLIM/STED measurements
Supports all other methods available for the MicroTime 200, i.e., FLIM, FCS, FCCS, FLCS, FRET.

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