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Zeiss ELYRA P.1

SR Technique
SR Resolution Lateral XY Tooltip
20 nm - 30 nm
SR Camera, Detectortype Tooltip
SR Resolution Axial Z Tooltip
50 - 80 nm
SR Microscope Body
Axio Observer.Z1
SR Dyes, Fluorphores Tooltip
e.g. photoswitchable fluorescent proteins, Suitable selection depends on PLAM or dSTORM Mode: e.g. PA-GFP, PATagRFP, Kaede, PS-CFP2, mEOS2, mEOS3.2, PSmOrgange, KPF1, Dronpa, NeonGreen, PAmCherry1, Padron, others
SR Excitation Tooltip
405, 488, 561, 642 nm
Localize Single Molecules with Unrivalled Precision. ELYRA P.1 takes light microscopy to the limit. By localizing small structures and even single molecules, you are able to achieve resolutions of down to 20 nm laterally and 50 nm axially.
You are interested in processes that take place near the coverslip. You want to see and measure single molecules in or near the plasma membrane like lipid rafts, receptor clustering or cell-substrate adhesion sites. With 3D-PALM you use photo-switchable proteins and profit from an excellent z capture range.
The patented exclusive PALM technology of ELYRA P.1 takes you into a new world of data quality. Detection with an effective resolution down to 20 nm will show you substructure and patterns where conventional light microscopy will simply show co-localization.
As a single molecule method, PALM is inherently quantitative – every image is a molecular statistics experiment.

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