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A vacuum pump, to many, is a device that creates space with no matter in it. For us, its going to be a new category on science.duel.life. 




Vacuum Pump


Human adult heart

Agilent Varian SH-110 Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump


Superior Vena Cava
Inferior Vena Cava
Pulmonary Vein

NW 25 KF flange


Pulmonary Artery

NW 16 KF flange


300 g

19 kg

Dimensions in cm (length x width x depth)  12 x 8 x 6

 38 x 24 x 25

Power  1/500 - horsepower (1,5 Watt) 1/4 - horsepower (186,4 Watt)


75 beats per minute 1725 rounds per minute

Pumping speed

4,5 - 5 l / min (resting)

 110 l / min


133 mbar (mean blood pressure on leaving the left ventricle)

13 mbar (when the blood returns to the right ventricle)

0.07 mbar


Pulmonary Valve
Aortic Valve

Integrated anti-suck back valve that closes quickly when the pump is shut off
Operation time typically service-free over 68 - 75 years Seal replacement is recommended when pump base pressure has risen to an  unacceptably high level
Temperature 37 °C Room temperature and Low-temperature operation
Prize unprizeable USD 5.104,00




Photo credits: Fotalia / Sebastian Kaulitzk (Heart)i; Agilent (Pump)


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