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Daniel Rapoport and the scientists at the Fraunhofer EMB recently add a new Xradia X-ray microscopy system from Zeiss to their instrument portfolio. Zeiss reports, "when Daniel saw the huge transport box where the instrument came in, with all of its ZEISS logos and transport writings, he had a special idea about how to best recycle the box.


 Photo: Transport box of the new microscope for Fraunhofer EMB where the instrument came in. Source: Das geheime Suddelbuch der Ina Eff (German Wordpress Blog)

A musician himself, Daniel knows a lot about electric guitars, particularly the most iconic instruments such as the Fender Stratocaster, the Telecaster, or the Gibson Les Paul. He already had experience in guitar building, so he created a first vector drawing based on the iconic Les Paul design, and he and his team started working on the first so called ZEISScaster ever!"

Photo: CAD drawing of the Zeiss electronic guitar after a drawing of the famous guitar model Les Paul Junior. Source: Das geheime Suddelbuch der Ina Eff (German Wordpress Blog)

Zeiss further reports, "the team selected the best-fitting parts from the transport box and began to cut out 5 plies of wood for the hollow corpus that were glued together and fitted with all the necessary parts. The impressive result is the world-first, completely unique and most probably totally awesome electric guitar."

Whats your idea on recycling your scientific instrument transport boxes?

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Photos: (1) Zeiss Microscopy Facebook Page  / Transport boxes at NASA Labs, Cleveland (2, 3) Das geheime Suddelbuch der Ina Eff (German Wordpress Blog)

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