We help scientists to compare scientific instruments

Any innovative product is preceded by the development of new concepts, technologies and design. And every day at science . duel . life, a team of highly qualified and motivated volunteers, designers and scientists search for answers to this simple questions: which scientific instrument will does its job best, and how scientific tools look like in the future?

Our Core Operations

science.duel.life concentrates on the following segments:

Collecting and sharing information about scientific instruments:

With our outstanding design, ease of use and unbeatable quality in content, our sites are the perfect starting point for searching and comparing scientific tools. Simultaneously, we provide thoughts and growing awareness for both scientists and companies about various future scientific instrument development opportunities.

Creating entertaining and educational content:

No matter if you are in your lab, office, home, on travel - or wherever - you consume awesome, fun, and interesting stuff with the science . duel . life community, and you can share it on to your friends and colleagues.

ABOUT Science Duel Life

science.duel.life & mynexttool Is a Free-Access Scientific Instrument Database.

Accurate and truthful parameter filters for all instruments and manufacturers provide a positive experience to our users.


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